Third party Claim (Part 3)

Road accident fund

The RAF doesn’t pay damages for ‘secondary emotional shock’, for example, if you weren’t active in the accident but you observed it. You do yet still have a common law to assert from the ‘wrongdoer’ in cases such as this.




Passengers injured in an automobile or motorcycle accident can claim for general and particular damages from the RAF and there isn’t any limit (as within the past) as to the they could claim.


How much time does this take to process a claim?


After 120 days have passed since the claim was lodged with the Road Accident Fund A summons can be issued by an attorney. This provides the claim to the individual handling 120 days to finalise all of the investigations.


The individual handling the claim will generally request your lawyer for an extension of time that will probably be utilized to see whether the claim could be settled without needing to attend court, when a summons is serve on the RAF. Enough time it takes to finalise a claim frequently is dependent upon how complicated the claim is and whether most of the essential info is accessible.


They’ll make an offer to the lawyer, in the event the RAF determines to pay out a claim. The lawyer has to get your own approval before agreeing to the sum offered. The issue will probably be negotiated in the event the offer isn’t accepted or go to court. A release form will probably be used which says just how much is usually to be paid, in the event the offer is accepted. You’ll need to sign the release form and it make the payment just once the RAF has received this will.


What’s an Endeavor?


The RAF may possibly issue you with an Endeavor which says it’ll compensate you for future medi-cal and related expenses. These could be paid directly to you or even to the medi-cal service provider who’s treating you.

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