Service provider for cleaning services at RAF offices

road accident fund



The Road Accident Fund (RAF) is a statutory body that, in relation to the provisions of the The RAF Act,

1996 (Act 56 of 1996), exist to supply cover to any or all individuals within the borders of South Africa for loss or damage caused by death or physical harm resulting from the negligent driving of motor vehicles within the borders of the nation. The RAF has divisions in Cape Town, Durban, East London, Johannesburg and Pretoria where its Head Office is, in addition, located. The RAF also has satellite offices in Nelspruit, Polokwane, Welkom, Port Elizabeth, Newcastle, Tzaneen, Lichtenburg, Bloemfontein & Kimberley.


The RAF wishes to make a service provider/s to supply cleaning services at all the RAFs regional & satellite offices.


Service providers must comply with all applicable legislative requirements pertaining to the trait of the service being



Closing date: 14 August 2009 at 11h00.

The tender document will be accessible on the RAF site at under files and publications on 17 July 2009. Further information regarding details of the bid could be requested via email from No telephonic queries will probably be accepted.


The RAF is dedicated to affirmative procurement consistent with the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act, the South African Constitution, 2000 and the Procurement Policy of the RAF. Preference will probably be given to such corporations and individuals, possessed or managed by individuals from formerly deprived classes of South Africa. In preparation FSG has compiled a RAF CLAIM DEFENCE FORENSIC INVESTIGATION Service Profile which is already presented to the RAF and is accessible either by petition or by downloading it from the SERVICE PROFILE page of our site.


The participation of their companies in corporate social responsibility projects is really a priority, as the RAF is answerable for public capital. Consequently FSG has commenced training its Tracer Field Agents (TFA) who are established in each Magisterial District in South Africa (see our SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY page for details) in the performance of RAF CLAIM DEFENCE FORENSIC INVESTIGATIONS. Not only will this fill a criteria for appointment to the RAF Panel of Attorneys (the RAF requires its service providers to illustrate a substantive contribution in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility), but additionally, it will lead to major financial savings to the RAF. (For reasons of fiscal sustainability, the investigators now appointed to the RAF Panel of Investigators largely base themselves in larger urban areas. But, a large proportion of South Africans – and hence claimants against the RAF – reside in rural/remote areas. RAF investigators so must incur traveling and out-of-town expenses to attend to directions from the RAF, which prices are borne by the RAF. As we have TFA who’ll be trained as RAF INVESTIGATORS (RAFI) in all Magisterial Districts, FSG can service directions from the RAF without incurring considerable travelling and out-of-town expenses, which we we estimate will reduce what the RAF now spends on claim evaluation investigations by some 30%.

FSG establish two important increase goals for the first half of 2102; appointment as the outsourced investigative resource of the PUBLIC PROTECTOR (which has now happened) and appointment to the RAF Panel of Investigators. We’re reliably advised that the RAF will be calling for bids for appointment to their own Panel of Investigators during April 2012 – which will be the initial time the RAF will do this in a decade – and although appointment is subject to a bid process, we have now been in discussions with senior RAF officials to prepare FSG to qualify for appointment. We have also already qualified for, and have been added to, the RAF seller base, and are assured of our ultimate appointment. In case the contribution we can make to job development and black economic empowerment if appointed to the RAF Panel of Investigators, and should the costs savings we can provide to the RAF, aren’t acceptable to ensure our appointment to the RAF Panel of Investigators, then we do not know what will!


Our additional aim would be to inspire the RAF to apply our services to investigate deceptive/fabricated claims made by syndicates who we guess collude with particular RAF workers to process such claims.

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